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Newberg-Dundee Bypass: Opening Day

Finally! After decades of planning and years of construction, I have posted to my highways blog!

Oh, and speaking of decades of planning, the Newberg-Dundee Bypass opened to auto and truck yesterday at the crack of 5 AM. To celebrate the momentous and rare occasion of the opening of a brand-new state highway, I took a drive down to Dundee to test out the new road — and take a ton of photos along the way. Rather than spam AARoads’ bypass thread with the 60+ photos I’ve curated (after taking more than 1200!) I figured I’d use this blog as intended — to report on highway developments in the state. Duh.

Before I dive into the photos and commentary, there are a couple things I took photos of that I won’t cover, and a couple things I didn’t manage to get photos of this time around. This entry won’t cover:

  • OR-18’s implied co-alignment with OR-99W: I photographed the portion south of the bypass along Pacific Highway West between Dundee and the OR-18 junction to see if there was any mention of OR-18 being cosigned with 99W. Nada. There weren’t even any route shields north or south along that stretch for either route. However, these will come in handy waaay down the line if/when Phase 3 is built. I also shot photos along OR-18 southwest of that junction to Dayton to see if OR-18 was mentioned as continuing onto the bypass. Zilch. It’s possible ODOT installed signage further back, but I’m not holding my breath.
  • The viaduct from underneath: I took a bunch of shots on the viaduct, but not under it, for a couple reasons. I was starting to run out of daylight, and apparently almost ran out of room on my card. I’ll revisit this soon.
  • The Wynooski St. overpass: Same as the viaduct.
  • Newberg approach from OR-219 northbound: Ditto.
  • Newberg approach from OR-99W northbound: Excepting a new overhead sign just east of Springbrook Road (which will be covered), nothing really changed going this way, so I didn’t really shoot it. Priorities.

So without further ado, here’s my photographic field report on Newberg-Dundee Bypass, Day 1!
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